diigo and blogging

diggo looks like a really useful thing – I have managed to start it and do the bar thingy at the top, but I cannot work out how to send to this blog as per the instructions – it says something about ‘apl’  – I do not know what this means.

another blogger has only written something on week one and like me got confused by the photo of the cat??  this all feels like experiential learning what it might feel like to be illiterate. even the simplest instruction is hard, and everything take so much longer than I think it should.


technofear and tags

I am determined to crack tags so I have invented one –  ‘technofear’ –  and added it to this post.  I have to say I do not feel its going to revolutionise my life but maybe I will be wrong on that – – – What I am actually more interested in is the cloud thingy – diigo, which looks really useful , so I’m off to have a play with that now. I am also wondering where the rss feed stuff is – I have yet to go onto the gmail account ( 2 email addresses are one to many so three is just too much to handle) when I go to it will it be crammed full of rss stuff I wonder? or is that lurking elsewhere. I feel a slightly batty, like someone with a short-term memory loss who constantly looses and rediscovers things.

I did it

that’s it – I’ve changed the layout now so I feel I have done enough homework!

taggs and RSS

well – its taken me till Sunday to get to this   I started on Monday and soon realised this was a grand way of avoiding doing all the things I should have been doing – – it was interesting reading what everyone else had written.

I read the stuff about tags and didn’t really get it, so ignored that bit but looking at other people blogs I can see they have done it,so I may try again.

I have done all the RSS stuff – I can see this could be useful, but have not gone back to the google mail account to see what its done to it  – I’m not at all sure where these feeds have ‘gone’ and where they will pop up –  I’ll try to find out – – . I get so many emails on my hud.ac account that the last thing I need is another one I needs to keep an eye on, so i would be interested in knowing how I link the RSS feed stuff to that instead ( as I write i suspect I am missing something – – )

I also note that people have customised their blogs, put pictures on etc, so I may yet have a go at that.

this all still feels like the time we had a boat on the Norfolk Boards – even after a week I  did not feel i was ever properly in control

first post

well – this has taken me a long time . . .  but I’m here, I think. I’ve created the blog, but also the gmail account. I’ve never done that before either. I have also learned that usung A A Milne characters is probably the most predictable thing on the web ( I gave up with piglet – too many ‘nervous but interested’ types out here already!!) . My plan was to do this whilst the football was on  – I suspect its finished long ago so I’m logging off & moving on to the survey now